Feng Shui Design

In Feng Shui Qi is understood as a pervasive force that circulates in the external environment for man. At home and on ulitse.Na land, sea, mountains. Qi – everywhere. Qi – is the invisible energy that she brings protsvetanime and good luck. A feng shui – the art use to attract and generate the energy. The ancient Chinese believed that Qi – a breathing space dragon. The balance and harmony in the environment, generate copious flows of Qi. The Chinese are correlated nature analyzing processes with mystical powers – Dragon, Tiger, Turtle and Phoenix.

The Chinese believed that Qi creates landscapes – mountains and rivers, hills and valleys. Qi determines the shape and color of the environment, health of plants, all living creatures, including humans. Qi man – a spirit that controls its activity. Excess or deficiency of Qi determines a person's health and vitality .. Ancient sought perfection through balancing the internal Qi.

But a little balance. Man must live in harmony with prostranstvom.To is Qi of the human body should be in harmony with its surroundings Chi. Qi flows should proceed smoothly. Today we know that this is a harmonious interaction between the two types of qi and determines how good Feng Shui will be the place. "A good feng shui" means our compatibility with the environment, good for the area that we call home. feeling fullness of life energy. So, good feng shui – it's abundance and a happy first appeared in Feng Shui "School Forms". She has used animal symbolism, studying the formation of the "Green Dragon" and "White Tiger" and was based on the what is "good" or "bad" feng shui depends on the location of mountains and rivers. Later came the "Compass School". She used the symbol of the bagua (eight trigrams) and the magic square Lo Shu, opened the laws that allow a person in harmony with its surroundings. Masters of this school invented Lopan – Chinese geomantic compass. The main sources of the practice of Feng Shui. This system Ganchzhi, Five Elements, the philosophy of the I Ching, the trigrams Bagua and magic Lo Shu square.