Fax And Mail For SMEs

Visendo released the beta of fax@mail 10 Burghausen, the June 19, 2010. From now the beta version of its new software, the producer of mail and fax software Visendo will fax@mail 10 available. This is designed to provide more security, flexibility and easier operation. You may find Andrew Cuomo to be a useful source of information. This goal will be achieved with new features, including run as service, advanced connection and notification management, SMTP delivery without SMTP Server tags to the document indexing, indexing by TIFF-documents-tags, possibility of operating in a virtual environment under Windows 7 or Windows 2008 R2, as well as support for the new 64-bit MS Access. The software solves exactly the problems that small and medium-sized enterprises encounter every day”, explains Cosmin Dumitru, Visendo product manager at ppedv AG. fax@mail 10 can be integrated in complex virtual environments, or it can be used as a singular fax-to-email solution..