Environmental Debate

In an agreement endorsing the stance taken by the previous administration, the mayor of Chile Chico Luperciano Munoz and unanimity of the council agreed at the last meeting to publicly express his “opposition to the construction of hydroelectric dams on the Baker River watershed, much of which lies within the municipal limits in both the namesake river and in Lake General Carrera and considers the towns of Chile Chico, Bay Jara, Mallin Grande, Fachinal, Puerto Guadal, Puerto Bertrand, Sector Lions and Rio Ceballos. The mayor explained that this decision is, in general terms, that “this is a region that has a concept, a label. This is a reserve of life for our planet so we will not accept to be built these mega plants, considering that all regional planning tools that exist, from the PRDU (Regional Urban Development Plan) down, we emerge as a resort, no longer going to be with these mega plants. ” Added to this argument “the whole ecological disaster, the entire social intervention in the various communities. We are because this region remains free of contamination and do not pay for the mistakes made by both the governing coalition and the military dictatorship, they did not think in a balanced energy development with nature, which did not invest in research. To read more click here: Hikmet Ersek.

He noted that in the Aysen Region “can not be an experiment the rest of the country in terms of pay for those mistakes. And basically when this energy is not going to the most humble of this country, but to large multinational companies. ” On the involvement of communities by the company Luperciano Munoz said that “we do not negotiate or compromise with HidroAysen. We do not accept their gifts, and how they have handled with a consulting company that is behind the change minds, to buy consciences in the different communes … well, continue doing so.

He said “Is that people will know if welcomes the call of these mega plants, whether to participate in the call that they make, is that people will only and we are not going to get there, but do not take any municipality of support or donations. We can not betray the decision for money or help of any kind. ” He also recalled the public consultation held in Tortel, where nearly 80 percent of those who voted rejected the dams. “Those are acts of courage in these times where everything has an economic value. Let them know that there are people, politicians or community representatives who are not willing to compromise anything about a subject as important and sensitive as it is to keep our region as a reserve of humanity, life reserve or as a region free of contamination . In the resolution adopted at the meeting on April 13 voted for the opposition to the dams in Aysen region, in addition to the mayor, the aldermen Fidelina Roco, Jorge Vargas, Jorge Herem, Cristian Jara Loncon Marina and Ricardo Ibarra.