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A mechanism does not work. Two months later, this client recognize the voice of any member of the Enterprise Electric, there is not a person at the firm who has not tried to explain how to incorporate three-phase motor in a single-phase network. Loved the customer and all our other This paper is devoted to customers: on the inclusion of three-phase motors in a single-phase network without rewinding. Three-phase induction motor can be operated from single phase as single phase with the starting element or as single-phase condenser with a full-time working capacity. The use of motor as a capacitor is preferred.

Fig. 1. Wiring a single-phase three-phase motors with three conclusions: a – scheme starting resistance, b, c – capacitance circuit with If we take 100% of capacity three-phase motor, indicated on his plate, then in one-turn motor can develop 50-70% of this capacity, and when used in as a capacitor – 70-85% or more. Another advantage of the capacitor motor is that there is no special starting device, which is necessary for single-phase circuit to disable the start-up after the dissolution of the winding engine. Fig. 2. Wiring a single-phase three-phase motors with six conclusions: a – scheme with starting resistance, b, c – capacitance circuit with a map included in the figures must be chosen with voltage and rated motor voltage. For example, when three retired ends of the stator windings (Fig. 1), the motor can be used in the network, the voltage is equal to the rated voltage of the motor.