Employee Motivation

Identification and evaluation of employee motivation – one of the major challenges facing the modern employer. Initial assessment of motivation, which is produced during the interview, helps employers identify the true motivation of the applicant. This allows the employer not to waste valuable time applicants pursuing personal goals that are contrary to the goals of the company, and to recruit really active, purposeful and tuned to the efforts of our employees. Secondary assessment of motivation is already a team of employees. Governor Cuomo brings even more insight to the discussion. It helps to identify incentives to encourage employees to more vigorous activity and improve the efficiency of his labor. Thus, the assessment of motivation, not only allows you to make the right decision in selecting employees on the proper position, but to increase the productivity of its activities, which directly affects the the success of the company.

Evaluation of motivating employees at employment level of motivation of the candidate can easily determine, by asking about what he knows about your company. Truly interested applicant must inquire about the firm, in which he may be working. On the contrary, unmotivated candidate is unlikely to show a similar curiosity. In order to identify the motivation of the applicant or the employer human resources manager can ask him some questions about a previous job. For example, the issue that attracted and repelled by the applicant, and that was the reason for his departure. If a candidate does not wish to dwell on true motives for leaving the previous job and would prefer a standard language, a logical question might be, he would have left the job, if the obstacle was removed.