It consists of the capacity to feel just like anybody although we do not know him or, even, although it does not fall to us well. The empathy is an innate mmica in the man who grows and he is trained with the experience, and he allows us to put us in the place of any other person. For this reason, if you have intention to work in equipment, even with strangers she empatizar with them. If you think to use to an equipment for his own aims, if a goes to take advantage him will not empatizar with them. The corporal language offers a tool us very easy and powerful to measure the empathy of a subject towards us: the technique of the windshield wiper.

Without never letting speak, without stopping watching the eyes, it looks for the face of his interlocutor and exactly places his in the same axis that the other face, totally parallel to him. Soon it moves his head very smoothly, according to a lateral axis, the same movement that makes a windshield wiper. In empathy situation and, only in empathy situation, his interlocutor will change the inclination of his face to be parallel to you. This movement can make sure its intentions doing several times. If the axis of its head follows yours, it follows to you as much of mental form as physical. If, on the contrary, one does not move (almost with certainty it has the rigid and inclined face to the right) rejects to feel empathy with you. It is careful, it wants to take advantage or to ignore to him. I am going to him to put duties simple.

It so makes the technique of the windshield I have explained what it. It uses this wonderful tool of the nonverbal communication. Side as he is able to perceive the empathy of its interlocutor with an amazing effectiveness. It does not doubt in commenting any doubt or suggestion.