Eastern Sales Office

Requirements for direct operation of the Swiss market created the ZIEGLER mill, manufacturer and supplier of steel lightweight shelters and facilities for outdoor installations, founded on November 12, 2009 a new company in the Switzerland. The requirements were created with Ziegler outdoor GmbH directly to serve the Swiss market. The new subsidiary is headquartered in Uster in the canton of Zurich and started its operations on 01.01.2010. So far, the Swiss market through its Distributor was operated Casanova & Rolli GBS GmbH. The Swiss company, that focus is the distribution of grating and letter boxes, is involved in the Ziegler outdoor GmbH together with E. Ziegler metalworking AG.

The new company is led by Manuel Rolli and Christoph Ziegler. With the new distribution company, ZIEGLER will further develop the German-speaking market of Switzerland and extend the sales area in the Western and Southern Switzerland. With the engagement of new employees, comprehensive service is offered to clients. The ZAIN group thus welcomes the 6 Member in your ranks. ZIEGLER AG in Germany, there are already other distributors in Austria, Poland, Romania and Slovenia. Outdoor facilities from A to Z from manufacturing to Assembly the E. Ziegler metalworking AG is manufacturer and supplier of shelters and street furniture. Waiting room, Pavilion, park bench, hopper or bike racks, the portfolio includes everything to outdoor design from production to Assembly.

The over 800 pages strong Handbook informs more than 3,500 products. Customers come from the sectors of public administration, garden and landscape design, architecture, commercial, industrial and property management. Established in 1993, employs 130 employees in Germany. The company with the sales office South is Leonberg near Stuttgart. Production, management, and logistics, as well as the Eastern Sales Office located in Nebelschutz near Dresden. The West sales office is in Troisdorf near Cologne. More Information, see. Emitters: E. Ziegler metalworking mill contact: Maria Garbe mailto: Tel. + 49 (0) 3578-7872-200