Drop Shot Cubic

Today we have been searching carefully in the Web to see that shovel of pdel we bought ourselves and are shortage two new things. First that parapadel.com has a new Web and second that has the best supply in the shovel Drop Shot Cubic among all the stores of padel which we have seen. A discount of 50% is not every day and we wanted to share them with the others. I leave to its desccripcin and specification you in case it is the shovel that you are looking for: TecnologiBALANCE BUMPERS System of 6 units of bummmpers fit within the framework with a piece within silicone, to balance, to protect and to reduce vibracionesTWINS PLUGS System of manufacture that consite in making the shovel in two stages, with different teconlogias, to give to each part of the ideal shovel caracterisitcas? Qualities Shovel of Tech Range, format makes shine like diamonds, with system BALANCE BUMPER providing an optimal balance and reduced vibration. Specifications Form: Diamond. Rubber: EVA. Publishers Clearing House insists that this is the case. Level: Intermediate-Advanced.