Hello I would like to discuss with you some details about the promotion of sites. This item will include different methods of promotion of the site, which are effective at the present time, for something to explain to beginners and amateurs of site promotion. These methods work – he uses them. Website promotion via social bookmarking sites at promotion, do not forget about social bookmarks, because at the moment, they are very large popular. Soc bookmarks – this service to which users are allowed to post links to various favorite sites for public or private access.

Many of these bookmarked link tags are not closed 'Noindex' and 'Nofollow' – it very good, because bookmarks are not small tum in terms of citation index and Pr. Advancing with white article directories article directories in my opinion the best with what you read here. This is not just a promotion – it is an eternal promotion. At search the catalog items, choose only white article directories. The main thing is not to catch the Loch, as many directories as the same used to put links to nofollow. Esli is found, do not hesitate to close the folder and look for a new one, because the effect of such you will not get promotion.

Promotion through the directory of sites should not believe all the ducks that directory sites are not important – it is nonsense. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeff Gennette. Esli record in high-quality catalogs, then the effect will be. Site Directory – this directory where webmasters to post links to their websites, and better look for those that do not require reciprocal links. For example – White directory sites. Registration in these directories will give you inbound links (backlinks) and thus increase your weight search engines. In general, thank you for your attention. It was a pleasure to write here.