Direct Messages

Swallow even to some extent the list of items, such exactly Direct Messages (message to you personally), but they are so far not important to you. Therefore, when beginning to use Twitter you fill belonging profile set beautiful picture on the background of well prepared to communicate the identity spread its something. Is it all just no reason, then the next, what you should take – an imaginary "folloving" when you are looking for suitable people you Likewise, subscribe to their blogs using the button follow the top of the page microblog. This is done almost the calculation (alias hope) the fact that the authors of these blogs after subscribe to your. Instantly tell that this is so not forever (same az, say, forever all I add). All work is worth it, only to achieve the same maximum number of "followers" I will only ever after, causality is another decent content. Select authors assumed since the search function according to the words of the messages of their blogs. Try to use the various chatter and expressions that add all kinds of people equally expect the same will certainly blog add.

Own use in the present, when you already have the first readers, start to write. How much and supposedly – to allow you. The Council began with messages about their resources, diluting their notes from other links to the topic on which you are targeting. Besides do not forget about the Scribbles every article, post or in other words a new video, for example.