Diamond State

U.S. astonishing. Belvederes skyscrapers of Chicago and the rocky landscapes of Utah, Texas prairies and the ocean beaches of California, the majestic glaciers of – all this fills you impressions, granted a sense of space and infinity. The country's territory is huge, and you somehow unwittingly become accustomed to such a scale. In fact, more staff, the more interesting you can see, the best gifts you can choose for their friends and relatives, deserving all the best. And suddenly you think bumps into a small space on the map – Delaware.

Any seasoned tourist travel would be willing to bet that the second most small states in the country there is hardly anything worthy of his attention. And debater necessarily defeated. "Mal spool but precious" – this saying of our ancestors perfectly characterizes the Delaware. And that means you, the inquisitive and Open a new impression of a man, it's time to hit the road, to see for themselves that the "Diamond State." Hearing the official nickname of the state, you probably tuned in to buy his wife a couple of gift diamonds from the Diamond State. " Have to disappoint you: gems are not mined, and the "diamond" Delaware is called only because of its excellent strategic position on the U.S. map. But do not upset! Here, a gift the fair half of mankind can find a decent gift, instead of "girl's best friend." The whole complex of galleries and shops selling exclusive hand made things Work will come to your rescue.