Democratic Letter

If at the moment the document is confused, concepts already including in the Democratic Letter are repeated at least, like the exercise legitimacy, that is to say, it is not enough to describe to a democratic regime as the fact as to have been elect in transparent elections. The power puts the finger in the sore when analyzing and to ask itself if it is in the designated instances, the citizenship or the call factual powers. The document abounds on the women, the minorities, the relations between legislative executive and the processes of constitutional reform, the access to the justice and the services of health, education and social protection. The subject of the crisis of the representation tried by us in several books is shown, first of all, like a weakness of the electoral options. There are saying repeated times: any thing is offered, a project of country does not appear and until the calls government programs they have happened to consider itself unnecessary. The electoral financing, the emptiness of the campaigns, the ventajismos is approached and corrupt practices. And mainly PNUD-OEA complain the lack of producing policies of social integration, as it is indicated that the insecurity is becoming a problem of democratic stability in the region. Chvez praised east document encouraged by some statistics accompany that it, but evidently when it did not it had read it because in him they are all the warnings against a cesarismo in irruption.

The democracy is indicated is a method of the organization of the power so that the citizens progress in the effective accomplishment of their rights. The exclusions or sowing of divisions break the increasing extension of citizenship. If the cesarismo replaces to the presidencialismo they break the republican institutions. An interesting exposition constitutes the signalling of redistribution of the power like fundamental task of the democracy, an exposition nails is it the one of citizenship: to make happen to the subject of voter to citizen who has duties and rights expanded in all the fields and, thus, it differentiates a democracy from voters of a democracy of citizens.