Czech Republic

Using the power saving mode significantly reduces water consumption (about 12,500 liters per year) and, accordingly, reduces the load on the sewage treatment plant. If you are using toilets in public restrooms, according to the sanitary standards of water consumption should be higher, and to this end is adjustable normal mode at 6 liters of water. Feature of the Czech Republic is a compact plastic fitting tank and membrane closure. Plastic fittings are not very reliable, but quite expensive. Membrane closure designed to clean water without rust and sand particles. Contact with these particles on the membrane disrupts the locking device, which leads to either unfilled tank, or to the overflow of water. Rectify the situation difficult, because membrane device is quite simple. It must dismantle, wash and put in place.

It is interesting that recently appeared in Moscow shops Vietnamese San faience. It has a variety of designs and a wide color range. Price Vietnamese compact is 220-250 dollars. Such a high price for the little-known manufacturer is probably due to transport over long distances. By the next price group are compact in Europe production. In shops and markets you can see San faience from France and Italy, Spain and Portugal, Belgium and Holland and, of course, Finland and Sweden. Price for it, if we exclude the items with gilt or art painted on the tank (the price of 700-900 dollars) range from 250 to 500 dollars. They all have roughly the same quality, lower water supply, noise-free filling of the tank, good design, many involve dosing water.

Traditionally, toilet bowls are considered reliable production in Sweden and Finland. They have a metal valve, ball locking mechanism and a metal float. Leader in sales last year was voted the toilet-CD Nordic (Retail price around $ 185), the Swedish company gustavsberg. If you allow the lavatory, you can choose the toilet, which is a candy bar. Such devices are compact and rather long road. Becoming more popular toilet is mounted to a wall or drywall partition without mounting to the floor. Simultaneously, the wall removed Communication tank. Outside, there remains only the flush button of water. This device allows you to save up to 30 cm2 Space toilets and much easier cleaning. Only necessarily provide access to Backa if necessary repair. Buying a toilet, note, where the sewer pipe in your bathroom. In Stalin's old homes built, it can be located in the floor directly under the toilet. In this case, you should purchase a model with a spout, directed vertically downward. (Journal of 'Ideas of your home', 1, 1999)