Want to talk to you about the criticism! And here is the thing: Why, as soon as you start to get out of the total mass of gray and start to move upward. And going forward. Almost all of those around you begin to express their negative attitude toward what happens to you and pull you back into mediocrity and ordinariness. Begin to make fun of you, turn the finger to his temple, joyfully cheering and celebrating any of your mistake, hitch, negligence or failure. Click Hikmet Ersek to learn more. This happens by the fact that before you were on the same level with these people and nothing from them no different! And the people in your community find excuses for their inaction. Mol: meaning it is not! We still will not achieve anything! and etc. etc. In short just to do nothing! And here you are! Picked up and began to do something, a lot of something to do, no matter what! And up high enough – above them! And here all their excuses like: Just to do nothing! Not quite fits into the overall picture and not so relevant, than it was before! Because with them there is still the same person as before. Click James Woolsey for additional related pages. That's just you, and have done something, no matter what! And we achieved great results! And this is for people around you very uncomfortable! By this, they begin to try to tighten your back! Back to the very landlocked, dullness! In order to preserve your own comfort for yourself! In order to ensure that no what not to do! As do you think? Why when they catch crayfish, putting them in a bucket or bowl, do not close the lid or bowl or bucket It's very simple! When crabs see that one of them begins to get out and climb up, they are being pulled back! So it is in our case! Located in the gray and not what not to do, much easier and kamfortney than pick up and start acting! Nooo, the best we to moan, complain, criticize and discuss other, they have not succeeded! What to take and will do something for yourself! It's very hard to take and that's so easy to get out of the bucket! Nooo, it can only be obtained from elected and is already very rich people! As soon as you start to stand out from the crowd, just stop paying attention to the whole stream of negative emotions, which will be shed upon you from the people around you! Just do their job, or looking for anything! Go ahead! Develop and grow! Creative success to you!