Credit History

We are what we’ve decided to be. It has brought us each crossroads and path chosen up to where we are today. Everything that has happened to us has served learners in our path, has made us grow and advance, although some experiences may have served to limit us or even block us. The question is: can we change our history?, we can convert a situation in a favourable situation last? Surprisingly, engage in a conversation about past events and find out how a same happen emerge two distinct visions. Is one of the two more real? No, of course not. What we call reality becomes a game of our unconscious that can support and reinforce our personality. Obviously we can not change what has been done or said, but if we can change the perception that we extracted. Let’s take a hypothetical example: last week, I had a hard day at work.

In fact I raise uneasy and unhappy, what made my day was becoming more and more complicated. Me I obstine view at each fact, a situation to go to worsen my mood and my bad mood reached a climax when my boss asked me in a bad way that it will deliver a backlog and I answered him stubborn and maleducadamente. Some of us might be in a similar situation and after a similar day to conclude that it is a fact that is repeated too often in our lives. Bosses could lead us to that same point over and over again?. Let’s see a powerful tool to change our perception of the past and be able to redirect our present. He writes that situation that you feel how limiting or which join some important lock, as you remember it.

It reflects and observes that point in history reports you restlessness, anxiety, or any other annoying sensation. It underlines these phrases or words in a different color. 4 Change those annotations. At this point, it is important to remember that you must not change the history that happened but that depends on you and that you experience as a lock (in the example given above, we could perhaps change mood to awaken us, our perspective before daily facts, the approach that we have given to the words of our head and which have resulted in a response appropriate at all times, being able to obtain the desired end) 5. Read again your already changed history and notes that feelings you cause. 6 Varies everything what follow bothering you and renews your story many times you needed, until you get one you please fully read it 7. Lee repeatedly this last story, experiencing the benefits that now you have to this new experience, to have achieved a new full and total satisfaction in the clearest way possible. 8 Make sure that this new image is recorded in your unconscious, reading, if necessary, for one week the new story you want to implement in the morning and at night. But remember that it is important that not only limit yourself to repeat it, but that you must experience everything said in the clearest possible manner.