Corporation POC

Return-oriented concept of the short runner funds ‘Growth’ confirmed short-term capital increase decided Berlin, 24th March 2011. Fast, but not unexpectedly, POC proven oil Canada was able to place the 20 million equity capital of the issued until mid-January POC growth GmbH & co. KG (POC growth 1) in a few weeks. The third Fund of the Berlin Canada specialists, were purchased for the already oil and gas resources could be made so. We will increase the capital due to the demand on a volume of EUR 40 million, since we have fixed contractually sufficiently for acquiring oil and gas resources, to provide the same quality of investment as at the first 20 million euros to investors”, explains POC Director Monika Galba. Only a few days ago, POC had communicated that the Vorabausschuttungen already can be brought forward by 12 percent annually, which will be paid quarterly, instead of early 2012 to April of this year.

The background is that the sources of the funds acquired After the first optimization actions already produce enough to justify the payouts. The POC growth 1 invests in proven and producing sources in Canada, where additional potential (called upside potential) can be generated. The appreciation of the sources due the use of modern technical means. A segment on the POC specialized together with their Canadian partners conserve oil Corporation (COC). Investors can be confident in, two market-leading companies to undertake the evaluation of the sources to be acquired. So these are first judged by Sproule Associates Limited (Sproule), Canada, as a global consulting company with more than 50 years of experience in this segment. Sproule determines the possible oil and gas reserves of the sources and proposes the corresponding purchase price. In addition could within the framework of an exclusive Alliance agreement, Schlumberger Canada Limited be won, after positive expert initial assessment once again the explore possible potentials and undertake the development of sources together with COC.

Of course the current developments in the international energy markets has impacted positively on our offer. On the other hand, we are also convinced that the conceptual implementation of the growth of 1 with two strong partners with distributors such as investors arrived very convincingly, “Fund Managing Director Galba explains. Requests from the sales suggest it, that also the other 20 million euro should be placed within a few weeks. POC is then prepared and is already working on implementing the follow-up Fund. For more information,