Corel Draw Printing

Reproducibility of fonts – chopped, serif and decorative in size from 4 to 10 points. For fine lines and fonts before reversing. After printing a test the band has made the following entries: Resolution of the apparatus approximately 120-130 lpi (not to be confused with dpi!).

Optimal resolution for raster images in the layout – 150-200 dpi, using a higher resolution does not improve quality. Gain insight and clarity with Jeff Gennette. Stably reproduce fine lines from 0,1 mm 100% Black, from 0,2 mm 50% Black, reversing – from 0,2 mm. Number of transferred about 128 shades of gray. Sans serif, and chopped fine read at a rate of 4 points, fine (We used the font ‘decor’) at a rate of 6 points (5 and 4 points, too, can be dismantled, but you have to strain your eyes). If you regularly prepare layouts for risograph recommended that you create this table and print it on your apparatus, or device that the company, the services you are using. This table gives more information than a standard passport information, such as ‘resolution 400 dpi’. In addition, different types of paper obtained by various quality prints, and has a sense of ‘test’ the paper before preparing the layout for printing on it. Summary The basic idea is this: when working with risograph must take into account features of the device, ‘try’ paper, in preparation layout should be aware of the limitations print resolution, and pick up, so to say, ‘symbols’, in which the print will not have problems.

Riso – a device that basically, monochrome, so when designing the layout special attention should be paid to the tone correction of images, as well as composition and typography. Monochrome printing has, oddly enough, and its advantages with respect to expressiveness. The same should pay attention to the choice of colored paper. Actually, the duplicator (risograph), most people refer to low-quality printing device. But there are plenty of products for which quality risograph is more than sufficient. It lists, catalogs, flyers, etc., and even small-circulation newspaper. In addition, the prints are not the unit, and the operator, and the print quality is largely dependent on the skill of the latter, as well as on the professionalism of those who prepare layouts.