Cooperation Economy – A New Sector Of The Economy Takes Shape In

Cooperation is a new trend of the economy. With the German GenoKoop Federal Verbonde of the areas of cooperatives will for the first time, associations, networks and companies merged in Germany associations landscape in the cooperative has changed in recent years considerably, especially since 1990, many new cooperatives and audit associations arose. The new top Association of German GENOKOOP Federal Bill takes this development. Members of the German GenoKoop Association are associations who want to permanently retain their autonomy and independence, and at the same time relative to quality, range and service – the increasing needs of its member companies adjust your offer -. We want to get so Gerd Schaumann Federal secure diversity in the cooperatives help k by the Board of Directors of the German GenoKoop, at least so the existing number of cooperatives and auditing associations. Towards ever larger units of the Association, is not seen as a solution, because E.g.

the Proximity to the companies appears indispensable, and size can mean always also more anonymity. GenoKoop will choose instead the path of cooperation and partnership federal to its member associations, because by means of cooperation and partnership at least the same performance effects are, as by merger or other forms that can lead to trend sovereignty loss at the single associations. The member associations so the Board can specifically parts of their duties at the German GenoKoop federal delegate and retake it at any time. This applies especially to the areas of qualification of human resources in the member associations, as well as in the Member companies of these associations stated goal of the Federation is to give impetus to the whole German cooperative new especially in Europe-oriented -. An inventory to the development of in Germany compared to EU countries for the German GenoKoop Federal anything other than satisfactory fails: Germany is in the area of the Cooperative rather in the position of a developing country\”, as a pacemaker.