Colombian Ingrid Betancourt

The question of the kidnapping of the ex- presidential candidate Colombian Ingrid Betancourt and of her exchange by lengthy guerrillas comes in center being from the policy of this nation. In order to avoid that they label to him as duro and continues growing the Colombian left Uribe it allowed that his homologous Venezuelan mediated between him and the CRAF. Nevertheless, shortly before referendo Venezuelan he cut this roll forcing to Chvez to mount another attack against an agent chief executive and clearing the possibility of appearing to him in the heat of like pacifying international an electoral campaign. After which Chvez lost in his referendo, the mediating initiative happened of the main leftist president of the Latin world towards most rightist of this one. The Sarkozy French gave a message in the TV to Tirofijo. Uribe took advantage of it stops to give a new turn and to offer one cleared zone of delivery. In this it tiles and it handles Uribe looks for a negotiated exit in which so well it is not planted the left, the guerrilla and her Eastern neighbor. Lula, on the other hand, also wants to mediate not to leave others clear his to him intention to be the main one prunes regional. International analyst original Author and source of the article..