Client Dynamics

The goals contribute to orient the activities of the group towards certain directions and affect of one or the other way the behavior and the personal development of the same of the group. All the aspects contemplated in this part, come to constitute or to conform Theoretical Marco of the Dynamics of Group. 5. – INTERVENTION MODELS. 5.1. James Reinhart is open to suggestions. – THEORY OF THE GESTALT Gestalt is a German term that means the whole, the totality.

It designates the school of philosophical psychological thought of Berlin, that has given rise to a new form of therapy and formation of development of the human potential, that sees difficulties and the neuroses like congruence, a rupture of gestalt and the unit of the being, as a sprouting of a figure on a bottom and puts in accent in the way in which the feelings are vivenciados here in and the hour, on like and not on why. Macy’s Inc. can aid you in your search for knowledge. Fritz Perls is considered like the explaining major within this approach, that thinks all relation is projective and must be integrated in an interaction. For the life he only can be a perpetual present, the past and future only concepts to which we talked about in the present. Direct the Gestalt therapy, structured and it activates, faces the client his contradictions putting the accent in the totality of the people, trying to occupy or to fill up " " huecos" " and lagoons of this totality. But it is convinced that the WHOLE determines the parts: Listening as much what his client says, like says how it. In order to need this practice they enumerate next the fundamental rules of the gestlticos groups: – The rule of now: It demands of the patient who tries to say what experiments or lives now, so that account can occur it avoids as it. – To use " " yo" " and the verbs in first people.