Civil Support

To be voluntary is paper of prominence in the society nowadays, is a noble attitude, differentiated, realistic, that we assume ahead of the current facts. When participating of works or voluntary projects, we have the chance to help people, to transmit our knowledge, to share joys, to make the difference in the life of somebody, to feel us useful. The experience, the learning and the diverse revealed forms of affection in each face and each gesture, there present are valid as remuneration. The voluntariado one is a work that if can choose as, where and when if can help, becoming? if thus a pleasant work, carried through with will. To work nowadays voluntarily, is being considered for companies as a differential in the candidate in the hour of its act of contract, this is being valued and recognized for the voluntary works that effected, beyond being experiences that had added it knowledge. Voluntariado is Citizenship? they are the rights and duties of being able to coexist better, with aid and mutual respect. An example is ONG GENAC? National management of Civil Support (, that it comes, through its services, establishing bows of respect, union, friendship, solidarity, generosity, to obtain to transform the world into a community more human being. Then, participating of social projects, voluntary works, we are acquiring knowledge little by little, the society of that to make the good, to think about the next one, to help when it will be necessary, alone in them it brings benefits, to be involved in the society of participativa form, is to be adding, learning and dividing knowledge, with innumerable people of different, classrooms, colors, religion, at last, it is a way of double hand, where the learning and the experiences are basic.