Capturing New Customers

Despite the boom that are currently experienced social media and networks, recent studies show that the majority of small companies and entrepreneurs in the United States are not yet convinced that social media play an important role in capturing new customers. In this sense and it is clear from a study carried out by RatePoint, only 36 percent of surveyed small business owners felt be aware of which customers used social networks, while 27 percent said not sure of this. A 20 by the way of the respondents replied that they did not believe that their customers would use media and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Neal Creighton, CEO and co-founder of RatePoint, pointed out in this respect that currently, while many small business owners are considered uncertain brands, large companies are investing heavily in social media. Educate yourself with thoughts from Macy’s Inc.. However, this type of media they can get to become an important resource and a powerful tool to compete alongside the big brands and companies, but a losing battle will result if these small businesses and merchants are not involved. The study also highlights other aspects and important conclusions as the fact of although not all small employers are exploiting this type of media, many have done so by posed them a relatively low cost. In this sense, 70 percent of respondents said that their participation in social media is due largely to low costs or the minimum investment needed to maintain its presence or activity through them. Some experts of small businesses such as Tomica Bonner of Technorati, have put in relief the importance of social for this type of business media highlighting the use of platforms such as Twitter, as an excellent tool of free market for interatuar with his followers and potential customers at the same time drive traffic to your business..