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This is a book that it deserves to be read. Read and studied, therefore one is not about only plus a commentary on the calls ‘ ‘ Years of Chumbo’ ‘. Jose Carlos Bittencourt traces, in its pages, a retrospect on the vicissitudes of the journalist profession during this period. The reader who waits to see in this workmanship one ‘ ‘ he goes down lenha’ ‘ in the military? as much those that occupied the power, as its sobordinates? he has of if disappointing. You may find Hikmet Ersek to be a useful source of information. Bittencourt is impartial? by the way showing one more time that she is a Journalist (thus, with high box)? simply shows the facts, says what it happened. In contrast of what many would desire, it does not take left, not ‘ ‘ he pulls the live coal for sardinha’ ‘ of nobody. The way as Bittencourt disserta surplus the implantation it AI-5 not of the edges the judgments others that not it reality of what it happened. ‘ does not have one; ‘ malhao of the Judas’ ‘ , the personal impression is not noticed, it only perceives clearly the more direct narration of the facts and its implications on the life of the people, especially on the journalistic work.

It could say that Open Archive is daily of a survivor and autobiografia where the author has as focus its work. Normally, in autobiografia, of the one to notice a certain Complex of Narcissus on the part of the author. Not in the book of Bittencourt. In many stretches of its narrative, it if ‘ see themselves that; ‘ apaga’ ‘ , he looks for to leave itself to dim to allow the brightness of its colleagues of profession. Even though when he deals with its health (he had two different and sufficiently serious cancers). Bittencourt does not dedicate more than to these episodes, that would be marcantes for any one, what only some pages.

E is accurately this that becomes its book, Opened Archive, a pleasant and useful reading for any type of reader, especially for the curious ones that they would like to know as a journalist politician obtained to survive (of in the literal meaning of this verb) at a time of repression, censorship e? mainly? ‘ ‘ dedurismo’ ‘ , when professional rivalries easily could be transformed into unfounded denunciations and with the most serious consequncias. Bittencourt has a light and pleasant skill to write, becoming the reading of a subject ‘ ‘ pesado’ ‘ in a pleasant and informative reading. The writing of a good journalist and a great writer. To communicate is an art, and Bittencourt is an artist of full hand. To weave a critical one on Open Archive is a complicated mission. Of a critical one this expects exactly: the critical one. In this ours ignaro country, arquetipicamente is understood critical with a negatividade connotation. Therefore, following this principle, it is impossible to criticize Open Archive. In s conscience, this book alone can be praised. Where to buy the workmanship?