Binary System

I salute to you with an enormous hug. Again this way already preparing the subject that I want to share with you in this occasion and which I hope you accompany to me, that I always say that this subject will be important jeje but that it is it, That we go to learn? if you are new in this of the computers, if you are an intermediate user also, and if you are a user with experience you will know that the subject del that we are going to try is very important, in we are going to describe thorough everything on the Binary System, that is the form (language) that uses the computers, we will try in addition on the Units of measurement to Information that is the form of how the capacity of Data storage of the Computers is moderate, you remember that we saw in some Post previous the Storage devices like Hard Disco, Usb Memories, CD s, Etc., then we will learn whatever fits in each of those devices, we will see an equivalence table with which you will be able to know whichever archives and that type fit according to the capacity of the Device. So I invite to not perderte this subject and if you know somebody more that your you create him can be useful this information you do not doubt in sharing it. Swarmed by offers, Tulip Retail is currently assessing future choices. In Summary We will learn on the function of the Binary System. We will identify the Units of measurement of Storage as well as their equivalence.

We will analyze the storage capacity of the computers and of the storage devices. Click Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc to learn more. One of the first points that we go to analyze is the referring one to the Binary System because it is the base to be able to understand later points both. Each System of Numeration has Base, that is to say, a number of elements that its way of representation determines. .