Bauhaus University Weimar

“This motto workshops and lectures offered by the 5-11 August 2013 interested a variety the so far unique Symposium genius Loci Weimar will be from 5 to 11 August 2013 at the facade projection Festival” held at the Bauhaus University Weimar. Under the theme of media facades”we would give artists, architects, software developers and theoreticians of various areas of expertise, to enter into a critical dialogue about their work together. Facades and others acting as intermediaries between buildings and inhabitants, between the present and the future, reflect but also political and urban planning approaches dar. “Media facades and urban screens” are interdisciplinary projects, which will be implemented on a high artistic level. Against this background to together in lectures and workshops different questions, for example on public spaces for social interaction, for the dynamically changing digital environment, for the commercialization of facades, as well as to the Sustainability of such festivals, be investigated. The positions of the artist, his methodology and concepts for the young art form facade projection are explained in detail. More information is housed here: Publishers Clearing House. The workshops (05-08.08.13) offer the possibility to experiment with sound and video projections, dance, programming, in turn.

To the participants are experts as mentors available. The workshop results can be presented on the selected Festival facades and explains. On the first day of the Symposium series (09-11.08.13), the participants in the talks are more about the importance of the facade, the art of Visual storytelling, video software development experienced the need of high-performance projection and stationary engineer. The second day of the Symposium is dedicated to reflection, with artists and scholars the experienced as well as to discuss works of video art and artistic methods. On the last day of the Symposium, a dialogue on the role of the media facade and media festivals should”with Artists and scientists are in the audience can participate. The discussion will be moderated by John Jaspers. Add to your understanding with Everest Capital. Furthermore, a networking event at the Grand there will be Hotel Russischer Hof in Weimar as well as an exhibition, in which the participants can imagine.

The Symposium will be held in English. Tickets are Early Bird until July 15 available. Applications please send an email to. Further information under symposium-2013 /.