Balance And Stress

Is it possible to be balanced in a world so stressful? How to keep calm in the midst of so many problems? These are questions that many people do not know how to respond as they feel disoriented in the midst of so much stress around us. What prevents us from inner peace? First of all our beliefs, for example, is commonly believed that the interior equilibrium is a distant state, accessible only enlightened, or that it is impossible in the midst of difficult external circumstances. Furthermore our Western culture is a culture that prioritizes the leisure and outdoor fun, over the interior recollection. Many people believe that achieving happiness depends on material values that represent it, we are taught to live out, rather than living in a balanced manner taking the spiritual and material. An excellent video on the subject, which is developed extensively this issue you can see why this issue is so important? The list of reasons is long, but among those that stand might include the following. The personal balance vital to physical and mental health, and to develop good relationships. Modern life is very competitive, it generates enough free time, tiredness, fear for the future that produces a large energy cost to be recovered quickly if we learn to balance. The internal balance is a mental, emotional and physical that is characterized by peace in the thought, calm the emotions and harmony and health in the body that allows us to understand and accept our emotions and those of others. .