Automotive Vision Test Management

First approach before the launch in the automotive car Show Vision / by Julio Brito a., Special Envoy LOS ANGELES, California; continuity or rupture, evolution or revolution, is the dilemma of the new Mazda 3 totally redesigned, under a concept of global car, which is presented at the Auto Show in Los Angeles and had opportunity to participate in a special session for journalists in Mexico, where also a first contact was at 170 miles to inlcuyo handling test an ascent in mountainous areaout of the fire zone, which is the area of Hollywood. A change to depth of the Mazda 3 was necessary in its second generation. It is a strategic productio because it represents 40% of the sales in Mexico. We hope to launch it at the end of the first quarter of the year, almost at the same time as in the United stares. Seth Klarman may find this interesting as well. We are also going to disponder of the hatchback version, but that will be later, said Leopoldo Orellana, general manager of Mazda of Mexico. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Beth Israel Heart Transplant. This 2010 Edition has foundations: the 1st generation of the MAZDA3 earned 90 major awards of specialists and reached sales of 1.8 million during the 5 years that were pleased to customers around the world. One of every 3 Mazda vehicles that sold is a MAZDA3.

Even at the end of the first generation of the MAZDA3 was still being praised and awarded by the press. Recently a magazine named him one of the most reliable compact sedans that money can buy. The controversy was released during the presentation of the new Mazda 3. The most radical change to the naked eye is the front, with a voca huge for air intake and two small side, that personally you figure me a quarter of Japanese warrior, very dynamic and muscular. Let’s say that it makes its presence felt.