Seeing a bouquet of flowers for the first time, I felt admiration and regret at the same time that such a brilliant idea occurred to me not. So what are they so attractive? 1. Originality is full of candy in supermarkets products in a beautiful package for every taste. But it is publicly available and traditional. Box teacher, doctor, nurse, colleague – no more than duty version of the sign of attention and appreciation. I would say that a box of chocolates, let even the most expensive, is not a symbol of the holiday, it’s mundane.

And indeed no one would dream of her photograph and put in a prominent place, as is the case with a sweet bouquet. 2. Exclusivity can be devise and execute a special bouquet for a specific occasion, using the appropriate attributes of the holiday – New Year’s, anniversaries, weddings, new baby, March 8, Feb. 23, etc. This bouquet will show the holiday spirit and Your informal relationship with the event. 3.

Personality creating exclusive track, you can highlight it features the one to whom it is intended, or to express your special relationship to person to make a suggestion or even a joke. 4. Bouquet functionality can be self-gift, and may be part of a gift that makes it much more attractive. For example, you can put a teddy bear on the ‘thicket’ of flowers, chocolates, a bowl (not necessarily expensive) or pencil holders, set a bunch of candy. 5. A bouquet of flowers economy is much cheaper (about three times), if it produce their own hands and not buy from an online store. Bouquets of sweets – it’s surprisingly easy, fun and economical. At the lowest cost possible to make the maximum impression!