Astrological False Forecasts

For 2007, predictions were scientifically studied by astrologers, psychics and fortune-tellers. The society of scientific investigation of para-Science (GWUP) reopened predictions by astrologers, fortune-tellers and Clairvoyants examined also for the year 2007. It was therefore to determine how reliable are such predictions. The best way to find out is to check at the end of the year whether and which forecasts that were made specifically for the ongoing year, have arrived. Hear other arguments on the topic with CEO Caruso Affiliated. In total, 185 predictions have been inspected by a mathematician.

The vast majority turned out to be blatant false forecast by some very prominent astrologers and psychics and astrologers. So, for example, an astrologer from Freiburg promised that he would be right at forecasts for the DAX (German share index) between 46 and 86%. in 2007 he was also however far with just 26%. Also that 2007 would be legalised cannabis or of the euro would be abolished has been unfulfilled. Also with the fear of terror, astrologers often to make a Business. So, there should be a massive terrorist attack in the United States 2007, with several million dead.

Fully there was also a fortune teller, who appeared in the television programme “Galileo Mystery” (Pro7). Three were reviewed by five made there statements that predicted for the June 5 to July 5. After a foot injury at Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, was as false as the forecast of soccer riots in a championship or Cup game in Bavaria. Such games not held in this period. Also absurd predictions were made for 2007. There must be a UFO landing in Washington and the discovery of a giant ape King Kong in Costa Rica. Muscovites will be glad that the prediction that the Kremlin in flames would stand, is also not have materialized. But there were also matches: for 2007, a Canadian astrologer prophesied the death of Luciano Pavarotti. It needs however no special psychic abilities to predict the death of old or sick people. “In addition, that the astrologer for several more people on their list”, which Luckily all was still alive, despite the forecast of astrology. The conclusion of the investigations: The vast majority of the cases studied showed significant false predictions. “If predictions turned out to be true, then it was always to cases that were very likely (E.g. military conflicts in the Middle East for 2007”) or who were extremely vaguely formulated as a great marriage of a well-known pair “(However it wasn’t forecast seems like by a clairvoyant Prince Albert II of Monaco.). A very risky endeavor is to give something on predictions of esotericism. Eckart Haase