The differential of this technological newness it is mobility, the suitable user to cloud computing will be able to remotely have access its documents, archives and other data, of any computer, at any time, of any place of the world, being only connected to the Internet. It will be able to also use applicatory programs and without needing to lower in its computer, with the great one advantage to use, to have access, without if worrying about maintenance, update, backup all the other functions, that pass to be carried through by the supplier of the service, beyond guaranteeing> that if it never loses important documents for its business. This new model of computation not yet was established in Brazil, many points not yet well is defined, practical questions and of security still they are in studies. However, in our day the day, already we are living a little of this, therefore the storage of information in our boxes of email already is a practical example of the computation in cloud. For backwards of our movement of sending and reception of data, a lodging server exists, that for indeterminate time he files all these information. Then we leave there, kept everything what it interests in them, without the concern with losses.

Moreover, sites exist that offer lodging to internautas. What it can be a danger. Therefore as to have certainty of that it is a safe site? How to know if this server goes to be always available, or that our documents will not be stolen or spread by the infinite virtual space? To follow the trends clouds (in the Internet) the history of our particular or professional life (through photos and documents), so that they are floating is known there for where and until when. Everything is so surprising in this technological world, therefore the things that in them seem so futursticas are if implanting, and we go in adaptando without time to assimilate and to reflect each one of the things in this succession of events.