Apprentice Info Day 2012 – Help With Choosing The Right Professional

Theory and practice an important interaction between the apprentice info day this year again attracted many visitors. The trainees and trainers of europoles, wodego and RAIL companies.On this day at the training centre (ABZ) into the Ingolstadter Strasse 51, ONE presented themselves, their companies, as well as their technical and commercial occupations. And what is there new 2013? wodego two new technical education profession offers production Technologein and wood machining mechanic. Europoles dual study broadens its however the courses of international business as well as electrical engineering. Theory and practice an important interaction between the visitors learned many interesting facts about practical and educational content of the commercial and technical apprenticeships offered in the collaborative training.

Questions such as how often did your vocational school? What vocational school visited you? Have their block teaching? “, the working hours are but also how?” Do you like your education? were and what tasks do you have in your profession? frequently asked. It was high in the ABZ showed not only theoretically technical trainees their craftsmanship live on the spot so there for visitors to key rings, on which to engrave his name couldn’t and steel birds for garden decoration. Through the mix of practical demonstrations, stories from everyday life, as well as lectures on shortest time the curious received insight into the company and the individual occupations so that after the decision for a training career certainly easier. “People bring together is the goal of the 25th Student Info day. If the education chemistry is right, the training is successful”so Andreas Gotz, head of training location in Neumarkt. Event management so that the apprentice info day inspires so many visitors, is much advance work and commitment as trainee project necessary. Organized and planned the event by trainees was the preparations late June launched already. We have learned much new to da man when so “a large project such as the apprentice info day, several task panes from purchasing and marketing and personnel management must cover” tells Christina Moosburger, one of the two trainees of the project team apprentice Info Day “and trainees as an office clerk at Euro poles in the 3rd year of training. Our ‘ to do ‘ list is most important for us. There be captured all tasks and responsibilities, because a careful planning and clear responsibilities are the most important”. At the end of the day all agreed, that the apprentice info day was a success once again for the visitors, the trainees and the Federated companies.