Any owed disease weakens our body. Special attention is required so that a sick person to regain his strength and heal sooner. Of course, seek medical advice and take prescribed medications is essential for faster recovery, but attention that dispense the patient at home is very important also. Below we will see four recommendations which are the basis to properly care for a patient and that accelerate their recovery. Comfort. It is very important that our patient is resting in a comfortable, quiet place where there is sufficient light and ventilation.

If it is cold, cover it with a blanket or a sheet; If on the contrary, it is hot or the patient has fever, uncover it then. Liquids. Do you remember when you got sick and his parents gave him a refresh of Apple? Well, in almost all cases of disease, especially when there is diarrhea or fever, the patient should take plenty of fluids. Therefore, be sure to take enough water, tea, juices, broths or by least soft drink (in some places on the planet soft drink is in better health conditions than simple water). Personal grooming. It is of vital importance that a sick person stays clean. Give her a bath every day also keep and clean your clothes, sheets and blankets. And if the patient cannot leave bed that is serious? In that case should be washed with a damp cloth or sponge using lukewarm water.

Power. If the patient wants to eat, let it do it. Unless otherwise directed by a physician, the most common diseases do not require a special diet. That Yes, in addition to liquids try to give food n u t r i t i v o s such as: vegetables, fruits, milk, chicken, oatmeal, beans, cheese, wheat, etc. If the patient has difficulty eating, you can give your food in the form of puree, juices or broth.