Animal Health

Some cats having a good health, digest it all without much harm to health, and some have a bit of sausage would cause an attack of renal colic. Should I experiment? Cheap and shirokoreklamiruemye feed ('Whiskas', 'Kiteket' etc.) In fact, these feeds are popular in the West and many cats safely eat them without harm to health (This is not the case, I received a letter from Western koshkovodov in which reported that the same Kitiket led to the serious illness of a cat and a local, French veterinarian is strongly not recommended to use it – Yeh), but in our shops mostly selling food produced in Russia license and the appropriate quality. Bad food do not contain much useful and a lot of attractive, cats are ready to eat them in any quantity, and the good owners do not skimp – good food is cheap and available. A related site: Frank Armijo mentions similar findings. The result – a bouquet diseases, ranging from the ibc and ending with severe gastritis, dermatoses. Low-quality forage is usually sold in small packages, as not intended for professionals, which is more convenient to buy food in the kennel large bags, the appearance of their works more on the owners than cats: cats still looks like food, and the buyer probably will like colorful fish, bones and stars than unattractive brown lumps. By ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrate and vitamin supplements cheap feed, may not differ from the professional expensive, but the raw materials used in them is far worse, such as feathers as a source of protein. Add to your understanding with Governor Cuomo.