Alfred Adler

For the eminent psychiatrist Alfred Adler, sleep is a form of self-knowledge essential for personal development. The dream for Adler – makes possible the development of the individual insofar as it allows you to develop what has of more particular and own. Carl Gustav Jung, for his part proposed the theory of universal archetypes. Unlike what I thought Freud, the unconscious is not a reservoir of associations and particular images if not universal, there is therefore an unconscious collective and the deposited archetypal images that are expressed through dreams. Therefore, these are not creations as individual, as a work of art, if not a product of what mankind has been doing since the beginning of time.Now, let’s focus on the latest scientific research that have been made about the dream. Currently believed to be tentatively dream originates in the brain and it is controlled by two neurotransmitter whose function is to turn it off and turn it on.

EncendidoEn powerup we find, acetylcholine (synapses), substance that is found in the body of human beings and animal vertebrates. It functions as a neurotransmitter conducting electrical impulses between nerve cells through synapses and from nerve cells to muscles causing their contraction. This neurotransmitter at the time that a subject enters the dream, it will have an effect of temporary muscle paralysis, since neurons frozen muscle activity by means of the above-mentioned substance (acetylcholine), this paralysis is practically to avoid physical movements during sleep. Just stay active the muscles of the eyes (REM phase) and those who obey to breath. ApagadoEn the shutdown process, is norepinephrine, hormone originating from the adrenal gland, mainly affects muscles and blood vessels, its function is to increase the blood pressure and the pace heart. This substance as well as certain movements to the muscles before paralyzed by acetylcholine, cranking serves to archive the dream in the long-term (MLP) memory.