Cons: Usually, in such cases, accountants prefer to keep documents at home. The main problem arises when an employer wants to change accountants. Old accountant can not give you documents, arguing that the responsibility for the periods that he led. Tips: Ask how many companies accountant still leads, but yours. Think about the mind, whether the gross income the average salary in industry. If not, ask him to pass a test to qualify.

The test for qualification can be ordered from legal entities costs $ 1000. Prices specialists you can see yourself,,, in the newspapers. Salary of the chief accountant to date is 40 thousand rubles. 57 .- 200rub is the cost if your company has foreign currency accounts, import or export operations Do not let your accountant take the documents from the office Between You and accountant should be an employment contract in which he is liable only logical that an accountant at the usn should be cheaper. Reference: usn – simplified tax system is a single tax which replaces the income tax, vat, property tax. According to the decision of a single tax can be paid from revenues (6%) or on income minus expenses (15%). Go with the conventional system of taxation on the usn occurs on the application, which is served either at the time of registration of a company or from 01 October to 30 November. Enterprises under the simplified system does not have the right to keep records. Bookkeeping is replaced by the conduct "of the book income and expenses." But you wonder: the market for accountants usn does not offer.