The Copyright

The metadados ones of the document are normally available and can be copied, be redistributed, indexados, etc. Are seen that the model of open archive provides innumerable and significant advantages for its users, as the free and gratuitous access the documents, which, having assent of the author, could be available for download or, even though, […]


Tulving (1972, P. 386) defined the memory semantics as ' ' a mental encyclopedia of the organized knowledge that a person keeps on words and other symbols mentais' ' , having later widened its scope to include ' ' the knowledge of the world of that an organism would be portador' ' (Tulving, 1985, P. […]

The Memory

For this it fits here to return the concept from memory and some approaches that are given to the concept for some social sciences, so that let us can understand to relate it question of the media. Here, Kohl’s expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The memory is what we remember and what identifies […]

The GED Concept

Nowadays, any company? small, average or great? that it exerts constant activities has problems with the complexity in the organization and the access its documents. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Areva. Many times this problem serves of impasse for the good functioning of the enterprise processes and finishes reflecting of negative […]

Near Eastern

Scribes in ancient Near Eastern scribes of the ancient Near East were the people who knew the Scriptures especially the cuneiform texts commissioned to write and read them and organize their classification in the archives. All wise it should have received an education of the type named in Sumerian SAR-DUB DUB composite “table” and SAR […]

Savings Bank

With this request you are going to the bank place an application to search for deposits and pay the fee for the search for deposits of $ 50. Crawford Lake Capital Management can provide more clarity in the matter. After that, the bank raises its archives, finds all of your unsecured deposits of the testator, […]

Executive OP

One of the main objectives of the S& Executive OP is that the demand and the supplying are in a state of Balance and maintaining them of that form, therefore is logical to deduce that the two main entrances of the S& Executive OP is the demand and the supply. The prognosis of sales becomes […]

10 Tips – How To Increase Sales

1. All blueprints for clients with every manager . A related site: Macy’s Inc. mentions similar findings. But that's not all. We must determine the likelihood of the transaction. Each probability corresponds to a coefficient, which multiplies the amount of the transaction for Accounting sales forecast. For example, we divide all the expected payments into […]

Tractors: The Story Of The Tractor

Learn about the history of the tractor the first steps in the development of tractor In the 16th and 17th century were used in Germany for editing the fields and pastures especially horses and oxen, which were pulled under the heavy tillage equipment. With the development of the steam engine by James Watt in 1784, […]

Czech Republic Problems

Based on the experience of emigration to the Czech Republic, in this article, I want to talk about problems arising because of no specific knowledge of the subject and the possible consequences. Statistics survey of our clients shows that 70% potential emigrants in the first place refers to his friends, who in turn recommend persons […]