Certified Marketing Officer

The city has enough commercial highlights”and get amplifier so that it magnetically attracts visitors. As a result, the town also in the marketing of the region to claim safe and well. With regard to the flow of visitors and foreign guests, are only to prevent related current slump in bookings by the cities increase their […]

Dialog Marketing Professional

Practice tips email marketing 2.0, expertise in concentrated form. The renowned expert for email marketing Dr. Torsten Schwarz brings his new book on the subject of practical tips in fall 2009 email marketing 2.0 “, in which involved many companies with their expertise. Auch Cruiser dialogue Marketing GmbH is one of the companies that give […]

Car Assessment

Car evaluation is performed for the following: the division of property in court; estimate for credit; When you join the inheritance; estimate for the notary to make the charter capital of a legal entity; car sales entity; confirmation customs value for other purposes. Evaluation of inheritance to the car in case of a car as […]

State Foundation

In accordance with the State Foundation of the Environment (FEMA-MT, 2006, p.15), rains they are responsible for one of the main causes of deterioration of the quality of waters, being that sewers and lixos are carreados for the rivers, thus producing, a considerable increase in the density of bacteria in these waters. The treatment of […]

The Influx

It is clear that we are talking about those articles that get enough visitors to be able to conclude that a decrease in traffic. Articles with one or two visitors a day, absolutely nothing lost, because nothing had. On the one hand, it is reasonable to note that Google does not care neither to one […]