IT As A Service For The Nursing

Netzdesk flexible and safe work with in the cloud without their own hardware and administration of Berlin, 12 September 2012. Netzdesk, the the Berlin network best GmbH, IT-as-a-service solution was extended specifically for use in care facilities. Companies in the health care sector can use IT in the future as a service. With netzdesk, IT […]


THE consultant MANUEL LOPEZ JEREZ creates and directs the blog: relationships interpersonal company fruit of years of work, writing texts on themes related to human resources, management and everything related to the improvement of interpersonal relationships in the company, has been the creation of the blog. ( this blog is the first Spanish-speaking, specialized in […]

Benn Olaf Kretschmann

The energy revolution is not only about a nuclear power ‘, to an exchange of energy, a change in the energy mix. Rather is the way how we generate energy, distribute and consume will fundamentally change”added Benn Olaf Kretschmann, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Husum GmbH. the turn of the energy is not a technical issue, […]

Vera Sayle

Companies are alerted early by the skill matrix to existing bottlenecks in the qualifications of the staff, which can cast a potential departure of key employees and know-how carriers effectively by means of qualification measures contrary to. In addition the use of a skill matrix helps comply with normative requirements of ISO 9001, a robust […]

Where Better To Buy A Kitten

If you have the desire to get a kitten, you have to decide for themselves what quality you want to have a kitten. Pedigree cats are divided into classes: SHOW-CLASS – this cat's outstanding pedigree data that will be at the exhibitions of cats fight for first prizes; BREED-CLASS – this cat breeding, which will […]

Eugenia Hernandez Martinez

Lift your head so that the sound can come out whole. Imagine you have to send your voice to a distance of eg 5 meters and should get there with all its force and clarity. Then imagine that your voice should reach 10 meters and try to get direct, clear and strong. It is also […]

Characteristic Curve Of The Pelton Turbine

During the experiment, use a Prony brake type tape with different weights, for determining the torque in each trial increased the weight and volume of the number of speed reading through the dynamometer. The flow rate is obtained through a volume-controlled timer, then all the data were recorded for further processing. As design data is […]


Many people ask this particular phenomenon, which have become popular because of Archimedes is known by the name of Eureka, whose meaning can be translated as "I found" I'm here studying and experiencing the topic of creative development for a very long time. In general, there is full awareness in the West into thinking that […]