World War

It can be more or less religious, but the future of humanity is in the drive and omo Dios is invisible and intangible, their words usually come to us through his messengers and representatives and mediators. For this reason, always the danger in them and all of us (if we are not actually in communion with God) talk lightly in the name of God, the arrogance of believing us the unique possessors of truth absolute, and the danger of maintaining an attitude of exclusivism, triumphalism and superiority, which seeks the conversion, subjugation and submission of all others. That attitude may be beneficial in the evangelists campaigns to win members, but could be a very dangerous for the future trend. It was precisely that attitude of superiority, disrespect and intolerance which was historically responsible for many persecutions, the Inquisition and the unfortunate religious wars, in which both parties killed believing that they were defending the true faith, and that God was on his side. As said Johnatan Swift: we have enough religion to hate each other, but we don’t have enough religion to love one another. In recent research, Dr. Frank Kaufmann points out that the 30 years war in Europe in the 17TH century, initiated by religious motifs, wiped out 20% of the population, compared to World War II that was the anthology of 3% of the population. We have to recognize God in many places, endiferentes people and in diverse cultures, now as in the past, and not only and exclusively only through our particular religion as they believed and many still believe. That reminds me of the words uttered in 1893, more than a hundred years ago, in Chicago before the Parliament of the world’s religions by the hindu Sage Vivekananda: something similar occurs with the religion. The Christian is not going to convert into hindu or Buddhist or a hindu or a Buddhist is going to become Christian.