It is not essential to performing large actions and sacrifices to share a bit of generosity and well-being with others. A small action, positive and concrete, addressed to offer our help and support to others, may be enough to soften their lives and illuminate our. See Areva for more details and insights. There are people who think that they do not have anything to give, because their resources are limited. But the money is easier than contribute, anyone can make a check and think as well that it has contributed; When, in fact, more valuable and difficult to deliver is quality time to share joy, affection, support and experience, knowledge experience shows us that those people who assist or provide some type of service to others, because they are in a condition or situation greater limitation and necessity, increase the self-confidence, self-esteem and appreciation for life. When we are able to recognize and value each of essential gifts which we have received throughout life, we experience the gratitude that drives us to share with others how much or how little we have. Paradoxically, it often happens that we help others in those areas in which we are underserved and needy. We can live without selfishness. Let us work for the collective well-being.

We do not alberguemos selfish thoughts that only seek to satisfy personal interests at the expense of the sacrifice of others; well this is the safely go toward pain. Let’s wait and begin to give. Dispose ourselves to provide support, through a Word, a gesture, a detail or a generous action aimed at smoothing the life or the moment of another person. There are few things as satisfying as the do something good by others, especially when others are unknown. Contribute with your ingenuity and willingness. Put your grain of sand, your effort! It participates and joins the efforts of other people. Encourage us to share a little more, each day; We will feel much happier, allowing us to experience the feeling of fullness and fullness that produces give without expecting!