Without Sensor

Sensors are no longer indispensable in the electrical drive technology. While the current sensors as well as the position and speed sensors play a special role. “The event sensors in the drive technology”, which offers the Haus der Technik on March 3rd, 2009 in Mainz, gives an overview of the most important technologies currently available current, speed and position sensors. Whose importance for the different propulsion systems explains how to practice. Also specific characteristics, signal processing, and which discusses the latest developments in detail. The participants receive as decision AIDS for use by current sensors, speed sensors and position. The event in charge Prof. Dr.-ing.

Ralph kennel, Technical University of Munich, as well as Prof. Dr. Eng. Mario pacas, University of Siegen. The Symposium is aimed at engineers and technicians from the development, application and distribution of drive manufacturers and developers and designers from the application.