Where Better To Buy A Kitten

If you have the desire to get a kitten, you have to decide for themselves what quality you want to have a kitten. Pedigree cats are divided into classes: SHOW-CLASS – this cat's outstanding pedigree data that will be at the exhibitions of cats fight for first prizes; BREED-CLASS – this cat breeding, which will be at the exhibitions have divorcement rated "excellent"; PET-CLASS – a cat with defects, shortcomings and porokami.Stoimost animals on the line depends on their quality. However, few experienced person would be difficult to distinguish from the SHOW-CLASS BREED-CLASS. Therefore, when choosing a kitten buyer often relies on the breeder (breeders), a man who sells kittens. On the one hand this is correct, as the breeder better than the others saw as a kitten grew and developed, but on the other side of the breeder is interested to sell all the litter of kittens, and here the buyer has to rely blindly on decency breeder. In some cases, You can minimize risk, keep in mind if some of the circumstances.

Let us first clarify the place of sale of kittens. This cat clubs (associations, federations, etc.), nursery (open at clubs), exhibition and sale of kittens Bird streets of the city. Acquisition of a thoroughbred kitten on bird or on the street is not very serious, so these options will not be considered. With regard to cat shows, and there you can find decent copies, but the risk infection and later death of the kittens is very high.