What Gives 2010 The Easter Bunny?

Of course the fine truffle eggs, chocolates and chocolate creations of Lauenstein confectionery! This Easter is thrilling: the new creations with enjoyment guarantee from the Lauenstein Confiserie bring fresh wind, colorful spring colors and a unique variety of tastes in the crib sheets. The chocolate factory from the Franconian forest stands the delighted even the most demanding gourmets for it! (All products are available in selected stores and in the well-stocked shop under) Exciting differently: Laue Steiner pineapple chili caramel egg the pineapple chili caramel egg inspired by his exotic explosive filling: A fruity pineapple pieces in creamy caramel flavored with a hint of chili and surrounded by fine dark chocolate. Each egg is a real unique, with much love and flair of the chocolatiers hand painted. Two-in-one”: Laue Steiner Easter gifts chocolates and truffles from the Lauenstein confectionery are here already in the nest in a jewelry box with Paschal crafted Banderole. Fine Marzipan, soft nougat, creamy caramel, crunchy brittle, fine Marc de Champagne, original Franconian fires: available as 75, 200, 300 or 400 grams selection. The Lauenstein confectionery: once tried already seduced! Mysterious as the Franconian forest in Northern Bavaria itself, also the magical creations of Wendler’s Praline Manufactury are confectionery Burg Lauenstein in Ludwigsstadt. The confectioners, the Chocolatier-Kunst meanwhile is penetrated to Scandinavia, Dubai or Japan, use only the very best raw materials. “” “” Many of the creations have been awarded already with the Golden DLG Award for special products: last the ginger marzipan chocolate candy, the Curry cream truffles, as well as the manufacture chocolate Rosemary pepper, latte macchiato”, Ginger Lime”and latte SAL”. Despite the great variety of the master range of Lauenstein confectionery includes around 120 different truffles and Pralines elaborate manual work is required in the renowned chocolate factory to a large extent: to apply the filigree decorations patience and a large portion of tact are needed!