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Trying to write a small guide for affiliate beginners, an ambitious project was fast in the online marketing agency projecter. Complaints about the lack of transparency in the affiliate marketing and the difficult cooperation between the various parties are frequently associated in discussions with affiliates and online shops. Many of these issues are based on difficulties in understanding the channel affiliate marketing or simple misunderstandings in communication. How to improve communication between agencies, affiliates, merchants and networks? Trying to write a small guide for affiliate beginners, an ambitious project was fast in the online marketing agency projecter. A three-quarter year and 211 pages later an extensive originated eBook, which illuminated the most diverse aspects of affiliate marketing.

Why not listen to merchants and affiliates becoming filthy rich that eBook is already that both affiliates and merchants, for example, owner of online shops, affiliate program operate or thinking about the launch. Newcomers in the topic of affiliate marketing as appropriate content will find how readers who have already dealt with the issue and collected first experiences, but now more want to learn. And there is to find the one or the other tip to optimize existing projects for old hands. “We have lit deliberately many specialisations – so affiliates and merchants – both sides, to create understanding”, says Patrick Hundt, founder and Managing Director of the projecter GmbH. “why are an as attractive business model for affiliates coupon sites? Why are merchants but increasingly cautious on this issue? What can both sides thereof be learned?” “Both we brought controversial topics such as post view affiliates as technical aspects such as concrete Trackingfragen in the eBook, because there are here in practice especially common problems and issues.” Strategic decision support for starting an affiliate program or selecting an affiliate project were for us particularly important aspects, which we want to give readers as possible concrete assistance at your fingertips”, explains Simon Kronseder, head of affiliate marketing at the projecter GmbH. The eBook can be downloaded free of charge since Tuesday, the 12.04.2011, on the site of projecter.

Regular updates with updates of the content are planned and will be published at the same location. The author team of projecter forward suggestions, theme suggestions and criticism! Projecter projecter is a young online marketing agency from Leipzig. It offers advice and implementation in the areas of affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and social media marketing. Projecter specializes in the online marketing management of online shops, E-commerce business models and the development of customized online marketing concepts for small and medium-sized enterprises. Your Web site or your online store is marketed goal-oriented and to achieve your specific objectives. Projecter individual settlement offers, the following Are success-oriented.