Wear Diesel

In the transition from heavy fuel for diesel fuel is necessary to gradually cool the equipment, reducing the temperature of the fuel valves to close the flow of heavy fuel tanks and valves open tank of diesel fuel after heating the entire fuel system to stop. To improve lubrication is recommended when transferring diesel fuel into the cylinder apply more oil. In the operation of the engine on heavy fuel oil to pay attention to quality and complete combustion of fuel, or perhaps rapid contamination of cylinders and piston rings zakoksovyvvanie. At least once a year must be exposed and cleaned and checked for toplivopodogrevateli density steam heating coils and spare supply tanks. Structural changes in the fuel equipment of diesel engines operating on heavy fuel, used to increase the fuel supply cycle.

To do this, some firms have increased atomization pressure, and others – the number of openings in the nozzles at the same pressure atomization. The increased amount of fuel offsets the reduced heat of combustion of heavy fuel oil. The fact should be increased or decreased orifices thermal hole injectors when running on heavy fuel oil, consensus yet. Some authors believe that when working on heavy diesel fuel and can use the same nozzle. For ensure continued work intensively cooled injector nozzle. Cooling channels are located closer to the combustion chamber and make them larger cross-section.

In this regard, the nozzle jets when operating on heavy fuel cool better than when running on diesel. Dispensers for diesel and heavy fuels perform interchangeable, allowing them to quickly change when switching to another fuel. The gap between the plunger and the sleeve fuel pump and nozzle between the needle and guide it is recommended to increase by 0,001 mm. In the event of a transfer of diesel to heavy fuel oil (DM type) angle of advance supply must be increased by 2-3 , and fuel and clean warm up in line with the recommendations. In the transition from heavy fuel to diesel sprays should be changed (if there are different sprays) and to reduce the lead angle of the fuel supply to normal to work on a light fuel. It is also necessary to change the oil on the alkaline mineral usual, since according to some sources use vysokoschelochnyh oils while working on a light low-sulfur diesel fuel leads to the formation of solid deposits, which are helping to accelerate the wear of cylinder liners, especially by running diesel engines. Jobs at sea is where you need high qualifications and extensive knowledge of chosen profession. We offer you this knowledge.