Before any people gathered to buy watches question: "Which is better to buy a watch that was good value for money?". But before we talk about the main principles of selection of watches, it is necessary know that the clock can be divided into several categories – Hours of economy class (which includes most of the quartz and digital clocks. The cost of one unit generally does not exceed $ 50-60) – watch the middle class (in this category include mechanical and quartz watch movements, which cost less than $ 800) – hours of premium (usually a mechanical watch whose value exceeds $ 2000). Let's talk about Each class hours podrobnee.Chasy economy class. Despite the fact that it is the lower class, hours to suit under this category are not necessarily bad.

Range of models of this class is filled inexpensive models from manufacturers Casio, Citizen, Orient, Seiko, Timex (USA), Swiss watches from Festina, Haas, etc. But it is worth noting that good cheap mechanical watches can not be. The quality of hours taken to judge considering a temporary error. Suppose, if we take quartz watch – the error in region of 0.4 seconds per day, about 12 seconds per month. The Chinese quartz models, things are a little worse – 30 seconds per month. This kind of error is associated with fewer transistors, and is one of the most important factors of low prices. Hours of the middle class.

This category includes high-quality copies rather expensive mechanical watches, quartz watches with high accuracy and low mechanical clock. Who would not like to wear expensive watches from world producers? Of course almost everyone. But the price of such a model sky-high. Output in this situation can serve as a high-quality copies of luxury watches. A good copy of first-class hours are ten times cheaper than the originals, but at the same time, based on the same high-precision of Swiss clockwork. Production of good quartz watches do Swiss firms Longines and Tissot, the Japanese firm Seiko, and others. If a limited budget, then we can look at the watch from Swiss manufacturers Apella, will cost a bit more expensive watches from Charmex and Roberto Cavalli. As for the mechanics of the budget Mechanical watches this class a little bit inferior to quartz o'clock exactly, but "mechanics" is considered more prestigious. For quite a cheap mechanical watch may include watches "". Of course, much more prestigious to the Swiss brands from Pirelli, Longines. Just the mechanics of low-cost offering Japanese manufacturers: Seiko, Citizen, Orient. Hours of class (premium grade). This includes the expensive mechanical watches (usually made of jewels). The cost of such hours exceeds $ 1500 and their release is restricted. Shells and bracelets made from precious metals (silver, white gold, platinum, etc.). It is worth noting a gold watch from a Swiss manufacturer Apella (900 dollars). The most expensive members of the class hours of course include the famous "Rolex" (from 10 000 dollars).