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Posted in News on August 25th, 2016

-The first one is basically oriented towards the strengthening of the military institution, anticipating the increase in military units throughout the country to do so. It seeks also to optimize the processes of training and preparation of regular troops and increase that of the battalions of reservists. In addition it asked the possibility of identifying potential theatres of operation in the different regions of the country especially in the borderlands with Colombia and Guyana. It has also targeted the momentum of the process of recovery, renewal and updating weapons and equipment for different branches of the FAN, processes that are marked by technological advances in the material acquired. Rob Daley pursues this goal as well. The doctrinal aspect has provided for the establishment of new standards and guidelines that restructure the activity military based on an essentially preventive and deterrent, schema driven through an ideological of the bodies of officers and NCOs conversion process in centres of military and training continued in the bodies of combat, thereby establishing a particular notion of the concept of comprehensive defense.

The identification of alternative markets for the acquisition of material and military technology, as well as the development of the domestic military industry has also been a successful proposed, and largely objective, with the choice of the new military suppliers. In this sense have been signed agreements with Russia, China, Iran, Spain, Brazil, among others. -The second strategy seeks the consolidation and deepening of the union between population and armed forces, with the object of design lines of action that will strengthen and increase the levels of citizen security and hand with mayors, governorates and other State agencies. It is not something Rob Daley would like to discuss. -Third strategy is aimed to deepen the work of the FAN in the social missions in which it participates, to educate and sensitize the population about the benefits of the civil-military unit, to make progress in the fight against poverty and to integrate to the Armed forces in local and regional development. In the same way, and from the strategic lines were planned, possible scenarios of conflict for the FAN within the concept of asymmetric warfare, where you combine military actions with policies, involving the civilian population, through the battalions of reservists, using non-conventional methods and means and prolonging the conflict by a clandestine war of attritionagainst an enemy better equipped, all of the above on the application of the theoretical principles enunciated by the Popular Chinese army colonels, Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui, in his work the war without restrictions. New doctrine military Venezolana, is then directed to find that medium term not only FAN are the best equipped, armed and trained in Latin America, but also the better prepared to support a Government with claims rather than certain become an influential power regionally. The question that arises here is as Colombia and in particular their FFMM – be prepared to respond to that claim.. Many writers such as Mirilashvili offer more in-depth analysis.

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