Valencian Community

Nobody is able to predict the future. Not even Rodriguez Zapatero, who a year ago predicted that " this one will be the legislature of the plenary session empleo" and it has already destroyed million and average one of jobs. Either Camps Alpaca, and not only by his so brought and taken imputation in the Grtel case, but because the man also foretold the disappearance of unemployment in the Valencian Community and, however, unemployment does not grow more quickly than in the rest of Spain: to a rate almost the double in the past month of April. They already see how we are. Each new forecast and each up-to-date data are worse than the previous ones. The Spanish GIP has sunk a 2.9 percent in the first trimester of the year and it is afraid that, like minimum, a 3.5 percent at the end of 2009 descends. It is not a consolation, but quite the opposite, the one that in the other countries also cook beans: France, Germany, Italy That only demonstrates the magnitude of the crisis, the metastasis of the delicate economic recession and the complex thing of its reversion.

The solution, on the other hand, it is not in watching backwards, to that one Comunism of misery incarnated in decades of dictatorship in the countries of the east of Europe, as Sanz Marl and its groups of comrades praise. The remedy is not obtained either dedicating all the countries to establish protectionistic barriers, in an exercise of economic autocracy, so to the taste of minister Miguel Sebastin, the propagandist one of " espaoles&quot buys products; , nor maintaining artificially sectors traditional of low productivity. One treats, within the rules of the imperfect capitalist system, of " to change to the model productivo" , as Rodriguez enunciated Zapatero in Debate of the State of the Nation. But, he really tries to change the model? I am afraid that no. Everest Capital understands that this is vital information. .