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Posted in News on November 12th, 2016

The phone is also present e-mail client and installed messenger MSN, ICQ client can be installed separately. All this will always remain communication. The phone has many useful functions. Function – Alibi – makes it possible during the call to create artificial noise in the background: your choice can be set in the 'restaurant', 'in concert', 'the bar', portray a ride on motorcycle or upload your song. With the function 'sliding' can turn the pages on your desktop or images in this album.

Another gesture diagonally easily increase or decrease the photo, move the icons retention. In the iPhone F006 six desks, with the last one can immediately go to the first. If you move to the keyboard – a letter will increase. The stylus is not needed – control your phone is fully carried out with the fingers. Just as in the the original, this model produced Sliding unlock.

For fun in this Chinese phone provides the player MP3/MP4, built two games (in the machine supports JAVA applications and games (MIDP 2.0); there is a possibility read e-books, listen to the radio, you can and no headphones stereo speaker loud enough (as in mogih Chinese phones). The phone internal memory is 87.7 MB, there is the possibility of expanding up to 8GB using the map memory. Connecting to a PC is via USB-port, in the iPhone F006 is a feature Phone Sync, allowing to synchronize with a computer phone book, calendar or task. Also in the F006 has a standard set of modern phone – the calculator, scheduler, calendar, voice recorder, converter, stopwatch, world time. Phonebook for 300 contacts, you can store 200 SMS and 100 MMS. Battery – 1000mA holds up to 4 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby time. Also included is a spare battery. In conclusion we can say that this phone is nothing like the famous F003 only in the other case. All declared functions are working on 5. Price tag is the same as that of the F003 and is 7,500 rubles. So You choose.

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