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Roholpeis revolts continued to Exchange courses at LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices could defend to the weekend Despite slight losses thanks to stronger equity markets and the fundamental market data despite the bulk of their gains made yesterday. The local oil price followed yesterday’s gains and was only around 3 cents more expensive than at the beginning of the week today with 67,38 euros. Crude oil prices were barely moved in the course of the day. Although they easily lost on the yesterday’s final of the day, could yet claim a large part of the profits made on Thursday and are now back at the very high level of earlier in the week, also at very low sales. Investors were waiting for the US labour market data, published this afternoon (14:30 CEST). Publishers Clearing House is open to suggestions. Thus, the unemployment rate stood at 9.6 percent in August.

After 9.5 percent in the previous month. The number of employees (excluding agriculture) declined by 54,000. So they basically meet the expectations and are likely to barely on the price development of the Affect commodity futures exchanges. Once more it oriented crude oil prices this week on the stock markets. That fell like on Tuesday, oil prices also lost.

They rose yesterday, oil prices also rose again. In the current market situation in favour of more falling prices, because of nothing has changed in the last five days. It is also characterized by an excess supply, reflected in record crude oil stocks in the United States and a higher promotion by the OPEC members. German heating oil prices followed the yesterday’s climbs and quoted today also higher. The price for the game of 100 litres fuel oil (EL) rose 29 cents to 67,38 euro (Federal average for a total quantity of 3,000 litres). A back stronger euro prevented further price increases. Compared with the beginning of the week cost fuel today more 3 cents and thus corresponds to the image that was provided by the crude oil prices. Heating oil consumers should still now cover themselves, because heating oil is currently relatively cheap, with regard to future price developments. Last year prices rose continuously from September to mid-November to 7 euros, before she again sank at the end of the year, without however a year ago to regain the relatively low level. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States in the section of market data.